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Visualize data with Kibana. Tweet this: Follow @databricksbeta to discover data center innovations. Data Lake. Data Analytics is the next frontier for business. New products.Tales from Two Camps: The tale of two sports fan camps Tales from Two Camps: The tale of two sports fan camps I have a few letters in the mail. One of them is from a woman who is upset that the Marlins are going to suspend rookie pitcher Jarred Cosart. In case you don’t know, Cosart has thrown four consecutive fastballs to the head of Cardinals’ rookie Brandon Moss. He had no chance of missing and it was clear to everyone. Cosart has apologized. Moss has not. The other letter, from a woman who is upset that I wrote that the Orioles’ Manny Machado threw his bat at the head of the Yankees’ catcher Russell Martin. Really? What a weird thing to write about. First of all, I didn’t write that. Baseball’s official site and the major league offices did. Secondly, in fact, the only people who have a problem with it are, to me, obvious hypocrites: the Yankees’ players, manager Joe Girardi and, yes, Martin. The Yankees’ players think it’s a great story, because it’s part of their marketing for the playoff push. Girardi thinks it’s part of “caving” to the pressure of the media. And Martin, who has said he’s long wanted to throw a bat, has said that he threw it because his arm was so sore that he was willing to risk being suspended or fined. From a legal standpoint, the real story is that Cosart was trying to throw at Moss’ head. And while I have no problem with Cosart getting suspended, I don’t see why I can’t write what happened, or what Martin thought he was doing. They have their own perspective, as do I. I just don’t see the harm in it, and I guess that shows that I’m part of the camp that the Mets, the Yankees and the Cubs are in. The camp that gets frustrated when the stories that they don’t want to see are told. On the other hand, the Cubs and Mets are the teams who already




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Hddregenerator2011serialnumberdownload13 [Latest-2022]

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