Motion capture.

This week I got the chance to explore Portsmouth University's Motion Capture suite. I knew what motion capture was, I had an idea of how it was used and I sort of knew what it's applications were. I was overwhelmed by how quickly and effectively the set-up can transport you. The freedom and possibilities were amazing.

One of my main takeaways from beginning this journey is that these tools that seemed so inaccessible, over my head or even scary- aren't. They're tools, creative tools and engaging with them is so important for future artists. I've created work in the past such as "come inside it's raining." for Brighton Digital festival (2018) which explored this tech gap- where there seems to be a divide in the people who have made a leap of faith and those for who that leap is a much bigger task- and sometimes impossible.

My experience reminds me of the old Indiana Jones movie where you think you're going to fall in a chasm but discover there's a supporting path for you to step across to the other side.

I know there's holes in this metaphor as opportunity and circumstance are not universal- however perception of creative tech is something that can be developed. -Tom