May '21 - Coding, sure but where?

So, something I've learnt through my coding journey is that I need a situation in which to code - because that affects how I'm going to learn it. It depends on the system / hardware / software I'm using as to how I code. For my first two months I was using Python specifically within Raspberry Pi's system, I was learning how to use it to navigate a Pi's file system and also run / send signals to GPIO pins on the board. For this month I wanted to explore how I could use Touch Designer in combination with skills in Python. Touch designer is a software I've used to make some very rough around the edges interactive work - the system is a visual coding program that has both it's own language (Touch Script) and Python powering it. In order to create original unique work I need to be able to code my own nodes- rather than just plugging those built into Touch together. Here's me just learning the basics - and printing "Thomas is learning to code, lol"

I found this much more difficult than my work on the Pi - where I had an ultimate goal. This way of learning is a little more open ended which makes it tricky to know what is going to be useful to me.