July '21 - Unity / Python in Action! Fairies!

This month I was able to put my initial learning to work! Which meant doing more learning - since it's different making work for the public to the small experiments I've been doing. Alongside Unity and Python I've also needed skills in: Blender After Effects (3D 3rd party plug-ins) And learn some of the lexicon around particle systems with computer graphics software.

I was approached by a local bar to install a creative projected fairy installation for their new cocktail bar. So I used my Python knowledge to build a system in which a pre-projection mapped footage would play at certain times or on start-up and to specific dimensions. I used Unity to generate 3D footage / particles and explore models I'd pulled in from Blender. I also used my knowledge in C# to instance particles along a geometry surface. It's all coming together? I still have a long way to go but this felt like a great start to putting the beginnings of my learning to use!