February '21 - Python / Jersey

My first official month learning and growing my practice with Arts Council England! February marks my first dip into coding, although not C# as I'd planned but Python! I get the feeling I might need to learn to be adaptable this year to achieve all that I've set out to do. Arthouse Jersey have supported my work for several years and they approached me to explore how my work can be made "Covid Safe" - as it turns out the solution to that is developing my coding knowledge to automate and remove the need for an operator (me) from my usual live events. I've developed a concept which I hope will allow me to bring all the aspects of my work that I love: Story, Technology and the lower senses but directly into peoples homes. I'll be using Raspberry Pi and various electrical components embedded into a box to operate projection, sound and motors (GULP). Although my plan was to slowly build basic knowledge of Python scripting - I think it's important to be ambitious and take opportunities to bring art to people when I can right now. Some resources I'm finding really useful are: https://www.programmingforpeople.com/ and snippets from a Udemy course I'm taking. Here's some progress pictures before the project runs next month - reaching 200 older isolating people- big stakes for my first project outcome on my DYCP!