August - '21 FINAL OUTCOME (Planning)

AHH! My final piece of work to mark my Journey into coding! I've managed to land a space in Portsmouth Creates Light Festival in November. I was due to finish my DYCP coding adventure by end of September but I think it's a good idea to extended that deadline so I can really show off what I've learnt in a spectacular way! So my plan so far is to: Use either touch designer or unity to project a wall of digital butterflies that are interactive - almost like a mirror - they will open a close their wings as you approach them. I'll need to do more work on Unity's input options to explore how I can connect a camera or sensor to recognise when someone approaches. I'll also need bonus knowledge in 3D modelling and texturing to I can have control over how the butterflies will look. Here was my pitch: "Working with groups of children to create and then animate big, bold and colourful butterflies, celebrating transformative moments in our lives. This project would suit schools, or specific groups where transformation is part of their lived experience (migrant communities, LBGTQ+ young people etc). Allowing young people to see their own creations come to live and interact with the people in their communities.