Water Culture (Phalaenopsis)

What started out as plans to make Terrarium number 3 turned into an experiment in hydroponics. While looking at ideas of how to best plant up the collection of Phalaenopsis Orchids I was given I came across "water culture". Because Phalaenopsis don't grow in soil but grow often on the branches of a host tree the roots are external. This means the orchids are often potted in clear pots in loose bark - this gives roots something to grip but also allowing light to hit the roots which is important to keep them alive.

Because the plants don't need soil growers are experimenting with keeping the orchids in just water with added nutrients. Some are having huge successes with this.

So I tried it, unfortunately because my original idea was a large terrarium featuring multiple plants the container isn't suited to water culture at all. However, I'm impatient so I did it anyways.

The change in the orchids over a short week has been amazing, already the leaves seem brighter and the roots have turned almost neon green and mint coloring. It's something I;m really amazed at and will be moving each orchid from the group water culture pot into individual containers that better support each plant.