Terrarium 2 (Phalaenopsis)

I made my second terrarium! For the last few weeks I've been in contact with a local restaurant which uses orchids (white and pink Phalaenopsis) in their displays - I'd noticed that once the flowers start to wilt the orchids are replaced. I started to wonder what happened to the old orchids and sent some emails to find out.

The restaurant was kind enough to offer me the orchids that were no longer in bloom and as a result I now have more orchids than I know what to do with. I found a use for two in this terrarium. Since the orchids were free I wanted the rest of the terrarium to be made from mostly found objects and materials - I wanted to see what I could make without spending any money. I used the bark chippings from the potted orchids and collected lichens and mosses to live alongside the two orchids. I added stones and weathered bark that I found just out on the street.

I'm really hopeful that the two plants with produce a second bloom over the next few months and that some of the mosses and lichens will spread along the bark chippings.