My First Terrarium / Habitat

So I made my first terrarium.. Sort of. I decided that I wasn't going to house any more moths this year but I saw online that an uncommon Mexican species was available and in limited stock so I changed my mind. This time I decided to make a bit more of show out of it and decided to make a little habitat for the chrysalis to develop in.

In all honesty this in no way reflects the natural habitat of this species of moth but I wanted to make something that would be adaptable and suitable to future species and also a nice piece to look at when it isn't a home for anything.

I'm really happy with how the final terrarium turned out. It’s made from a layer of carpet moss and an orchid fixed into Mopani wood. I also added some lichen to give it a more organic feel. I'd love to try and make more with different elements and inspirations. This one definitely has a tropical vibe.

I'll keep you updated on how my moth comes along. I've been exploring different mounting and setting techniques for moths and butterflies so I'm looking forward to having a new piece for my collecting in a month or so.