Snowdon Hike

I spent my 24th birthday climbing Snowdon. I took the Miner’s Path, although my mum told me to take "The Drovers" I'm not sure if this is an older name for the Miners path or a different route.

"The path starts off wide and even, climbing gradually passed Llyn Teyrn to Llyn Llydaw, where the ruins of the old copper mine can be seen. From here, the path climbs steeply to Llyn Glaslyn, where it becomes a hard climb over scree towards the intersection of the Miners’ and the Pyg Tracks. The path then zigzags up to Bwlch Glas, and then on to the summit."

For the last 20 minutes of the climb the clouds began to drop and come to meet me as I reached the peak. Instead of the view of the three lakes I was hoping for all I could see was the rock and bracken a foot in from of me.

Without the shelter of the mountain I was being pushed back the way I had come by winds almost lifting me off the ground. Just as I was about to turn back and walk down without my reward of a view across Snowdonia the clouds cleared. I’ve never had a better Birthday.