Sky Garden

The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch street is an amazing place, although calling it a leafy oasis in the city would be cliché and untrue. The space doesn’t feel undiscovered or hidden; it's slick, modern and accessible. It feels Sci-fi, not the dystopian future of nature reclaiming the earth kind of sci-fi but slick, chrome and everything in order. The plants are the same kinds of plants that you can see at any other botanic garden but here there is no information about them, no history to them, they're anonymous and quiet in the background.

For me this lack of story and chance to interact with the plants, learning about them left the space feeling very corporate. You don’t run around and giggle in the Sky Garden, you quietly sip coffee and check your emails. There is no denying the space and the view is incredible but it's not what I'd call a garden.