De Hortus Botanicus - Amsterdam

The botanical gardens in the city of Amsterdam are beautiful. The Palm house is full of huge potted trees and palms. It was built by the university as part of deal that meant Hugo de Vries- a famous geneticist would stay in Amsterdam and continue his work there rather than move to New York. He had his own entrance into the Gardens. I think He's my new idol- I wonder what I'd need to do to get someone to build me a botanic garden.

I'd never seen a glass house like this before - the huge beautiful barrels that held giant banana trees and ancient agave. I loved this style, I would have thought keeping plants separate and out of beds and banks inside the glass house would look clinical or space but the Palm House is just the opposite. The way each plant is given its own space gives each one a real identity and history. When you can follow it easily with your eye from wooden drum upwards is awesome.

As well as the Palm house the other smaller glass houses are also beautiful, the Mexican greenhouse, and the butterfly conservatory are really great spaces.