Barbican Conservatory

I finally made it to the Barbican Conservatory! I'm not sure what I was expecting but the reality was very different. I get a completely different feeling as to other glasshouses I'd been to. It was colder, and each plant had less identity to it. I think the aim with the Conservatory was to create a really impacting space- which it is but I'm not sure it's what I like about these kind of gardens.

However the atmosphere is completely different once you get inside the small cactus house- the path you take is blocked by hanging succulents and squishy, twisty, furry cacti. It is so playful and has a great feeling of exploration and discovery. You couldn't help but brush past some weird and wonderful plant and interact with the garden. I found the whole thing so friendly even the people in this section were acting differently, instead of keeping quiet and being in awe at the rest of the conservatory they were laughing and taking pictures.