Fellowship Beginnings!

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Back in October I applied to be a Digital Fellow of the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) , partnered with Magic Leap, Portsmouth and Goldsmiths university exploring XR, immersion, storytelling and lots of other things. I got the role and was told I needed to be ready to fly out to Miami March 3rd. I'm hoping that in this blog I'll be able to document what I'm exploring, learning and getting wrong over the next year. I was and I did. Miami was mind expanding, being able to meet people who were so talented and creative was an amazing experience. Being able to really interact with the Magic Leap, which, when I first tried it made me tell one of it's founders to fuck off- was very galvanizing.

Over the next year, I'll have 100 days to produce something. In this post I want to remind myself how I felt seeing through the Magic Leap and make sure I aim to give that same feeling to whoever see's whatever I end up making. I really hope in one year from now someone tells me to fuck off.