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Artist Development - The exhibition presents the works of five local artist groups ; Callum Bowman, Hayley Jane Simmons, Vicky Isley and Paul Smith of Boredom Research, Lara Kobeissi, Terresa Grimaldi, and Riyadh Haque. These artists have used their time in the program to experiment with how memories can be expressed and reshaped through contemporary mediums.
The Resonate Programme has been led by a mentorship cohort of : Sharon Clark (Immersive Theatre Maker) Ned Lawlor (Gastronomist) Kate Phillips (Sculptor).
"Resonate" offers a unique experience where the experimental work of Thomas Buckley and Kate Phillips have been reimagined. Their initial "Memory Sculptures" are exhibited alongside the work of local artists. The artists have employed dance, animation, filmmaking, and XR to create new immersive experiences that give a fresh perspective on the original pieces.

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