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June 4, 2016

I needed a lamp and had some orchids.

I used one of my smaller Phalaenopsis which is planted at the back. I also finally planted my Cymbidium which I bought on a trip to Madeira- I'd neglected it pretty heavily leaving it in it's travel packaging for a few weeks so it's not looking the healthiest. Hopefully it springs back to life now it's in some heavily fertilized soil. 

The glass vase was something I found on t...

May 21, 2016

It was such a surprise when my Agapema Homogena emerged from her cocoon 6 months after I got her. With all my other species they'd emerged within the first month, I guess she was just shy (or more realistically over-wintering.) These beautiful moths are usually found in Mexico and south America in forests above 4400 feet in elevation. They make their cocoons in the crevices of rocks and tree trunks near to the ground. 


I chose this species because...

March 24, 2016

What started out as plans to make Terrarium number 3 turned into an experiment in hydroponics. While looking at ideas of how to best plant up the collection of Phalaenopsis Orchids I was given I came across "water culture". Because Phalaenopsis don't grow in soil but grow often on the branches of a host tree the roots are external. This means the orchids are often potted in clear pots in loose bark - this gives roots something to grip but also allowing l...

February 27, 2016

 I made my second terrarium! 

For the last few weeks I've been in contact with a local restaurant which uses orchids (white and pink Phalaenopsis) in their displays - I'd noticed that once the flowers start to wilt the orchids are replaced. I started to wonder what happened to the old orchids and sent some emails to find out.


The restaurant was kind enough to offer me the orchids that were no longer in bloom and as a result I now have more orchids...

November 27, 2015





 So I made my first terrarium.. Sort of. I decided that I wasn't going to house any more moths this year but I saw online that an uncommon Mexican species was available and in limited stock so I changed my mind. This time I decided to make a bit more of show out of it and decided to make a little habitat for the chrysalis to develop in. 

In all honesty this in no way reflects the natural habitat of this species of moth but I wanted to make something...

November 18, 2015

 I was so happy to be able to show work again at BYOB as part of Brighton Digital Festival at The Dome. I'd been messing around with projection mapping and wanted to build on the work I made for the same event last year. 

 Last year my work was about bringing a forest inside the Dome, so the viewer felt they were inside; it surrounded by trees and nature. This year I wanted to bring the forest inside but make the viewer separate from it. 

The forest w...

November 18, 2015


I spent my 24th birthday climbing Snowdon. I took the Miner’s Path, although my mum told me to take "The Drovers" I'm not sure if this is an older name for the Miners path or a different route.


"The path starts off wide and even, climbing gradually passed Llyn Teyrn to Llyn Llydaw, where the ruins of the old copper mine can be seen. From here, the path climbs steeply to Llyn Glaslyn, where it becomes a hard climb over scree towards the intersection of t...

August 17, 2015

I've been ding some hand drawn animations - I like Orchids at the moment. Here's a Calypso Bulbosa / Fairy Slipper Orchid blooming. 

I can't remember the name of this one. 


June 26, 2015

Lepidoptery is study and cataloguing of butterflies and moths. Collecting different species has been something I've done since a child- building up a bank of over 50 species over the past 10 years. I usually pick these up from second hand shops or markets. Along with this I have raised common British species each year by collecting caterpillars and cocoons. I decided to combine these two hobbies into one and got hold of three beautiful Chinese Oak Moth...

April 20, 2015

The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch street is an amazing place, although calling it a leafy oasis in the city would be cliché and untrue. The space doesn’t feel undiscovered or hidden; it's slick, modern and accessible. It feels Sci-fi, not the dystopian future of nature reclaiming the earth kind of sci-fi but slick, chrome and everything in order. The plants are the same kinds of plants that you can see at any other botanic garden but here there is no inform...

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