I'm an artist working with technology to make work about memory, the senses, archiving and ways we can connect through mixed reality. I make memories edible and technology accessible.
I work with communities and mentor emerging creatives.

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An alumni fellow of The Royal Shakespeare Company, Thomas makes work exploring the potential of XR and emergent technologies in drawing out our humanity. Alongside leading projects that combine sensory practice and new media Thomas works with marginalised groups, putting their stories at the forefront of this new artform. 

"My work is often described as inspiring wonder or seeming like magic, although I rebel against this description.

Clarke’s Third law that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” - is in my opinion, a dangerous platitude. As we engage more reliantly with technologies seeing ourselves as separate; dichotomising the human and the digital breeds distance, inaccessibility and immoral use."


Thomas works with AR, VR, projection, theatre and immersive practices. They creative direct a porous studio of exciting makers and artists toward outcomes that are full of human stories.


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